Common Golf Injuries

Back Injuries account for the #1 problem associated with playing golf. The golf swing is a rotation motion. For people who aren’t well conditioned, repetitive hard rotatory movements can be troublesome on your joints, discs and muscles. Even people who train regularly suffer with back pain (especially if they are practicing at the driving range and hitting shot after shot). Low back pain can be triggered by pelvic imbalances, poor flexibility and a weak core.

Shoulder injuries are the #2 injury among golfers. The shoulder is a very complex joint and is held together by 18 muscles. Rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, and acromion-clavicular joint separation are just some of the injuries golfers suffer with on a regular basis. Most people never train their shoulders. And if they do, at most it may consist of weight training. Other areas which are often neglected are stretching and maintaining mobility & range of motion in the thoracic spine (which is intimately connected with the shoulder).

Elbow injuries are a very common injury. The elbow joint is complex and consists of three bones (the humerus, the radius and the ulna). Medial epicondilitis is the medical term for “golfers elbow”. It is mostly a repetitive stress injury and results from poor conditioning, poor flexibility and weakness. During golf play, these weaknesses lead to inflammation of the tendons which insert into the elbow joint.

Lower extremity problems (such as knee pain and foot & ankle pain) are common problems that plague many golfers. Sometimes these problems are due to abnormal biomechanics of the foot & ankle. For example, if the supportive arches of the foot are not maintained, it causes the foot to roll outward or inward (called pronation and supination). This in turn may cause the foot to flare outward, causing rotational stress on the knee joint, the hips and ultimately the pelvis and lumbar spine.

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