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“I became disabled from lower back pain. The pain was so unbearable, I could not bear to sit in a chair. under Dr. Smith’s care has been a very rewarding experience. He has an excellent bedside manner and answers my questions and concerns thoroughly. Dr. Smith’s lumbar rehabilitation program has been a great help (which includes specific stretches & exercises). The rehab program makes me feel like I’m progressing step by step. Overall, it’s been a very positive experience!” - Peter M., McMurray, PA

“My golf game suffered because I had chronic low back pain. My family doctor couldn’t help me but referred me to Dr. Smith. I also have a few friends who went to see him and they all had nothing but great things to say. I’m delighted with the results! Not only is my back pain 100% gone but I’m able to hit longer and straighter drives because of the specific exercises and conditioning program Dr. Smith put together for me. I would strongly recommend his golf fitness program to everyone who is serious about improving their game.” - Bill F., Bethel Park, PA

“Most people don’t realize what a toll playing golf has on your body. I’ve been playing for 25 years and as a result I had elbow pain and shoulder pain. As I got older I also started to notice more stiffness (which affected my golf game). I couldn’t drive the ball as far and I started to have to rely on taking more and more Tylenol just to keep up. I went to see Dr. Smith and it’s been great. His program involves traditional chiropractic care with rehabilitation, conditioning, flexibility training and core strength programs. I must say I haven’t felt this great in years. Playing golf is more enjoyable now. My drives are longer and I can play 18 holes without so much as a single bit of pain.” - David S., South Park, PA

“I’m a golfer but haven’t been able to play as much as I wanted because of ongoing pain in my back and shoulders. I heard about Dr. Smith and decided to give him a try. His approach is very different and is really in tune with the needs of golf. He starts off with a really detailed exam and checked my posture, range of motion, strength and balance. Dr. Smith found I had specific muscles that were weak and others that were stiff and not moving correctly. We did exercises to strengthen the weak muscles and stretches to get the other ones moving again. The result? No more pain and I’m back playing golf like I used to when I was in my 20’s.” - Alan J., Bethel Park.

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